Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to Fortify your House

There a couple things to remeber when prepping for when SHTF.  If you live in a castle in the middle of nowhere you will be ok but for the rest of us we will need some more supplies to properly fortify our home. First thing to think of are access points that you will need to protect.

Always have wood on hand. This can be life saving. Cover all windows and doors. Remember to leave yourself a way in or out to gather supplies. If you do not have wood stored then lots of household items can be used to baracade an entrance. You can use inside doors to cover windows. They are generally hollow but they should deter someone long enough to escape of attack. Bed frames are sturdy and can easily be taken apart to cover an entrance. Copper pipes and cabinets also can be used.

If you have a 2 story house being above your target makes it harder for them to hit you and easier shots for you. Also you have better chance to see in the distance. If you are protetcing yourself from 360 degrees of possibilites then you will have a pretty hard chance to save yourself. If you can create areas where the enemy has to go and cannot go you will have a better chance of protecting yourself.

Items that are useful to have in case you need to fortify are a a powerful drill with extra charged batteries, screws, hammer and nails, u shaped clips, wood and any sort of objects you can use to create a baracade.

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