Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prepper Survival Kit

I've compiled a popular list of items needed or recommended to have on hand.

At home

  • Water, three quarts per day, for cooking and washing 
  • Hand-pumped water filter 
  • Four replacement filters 
  • Cistern for collecting rainwater 
  • Iodine and/or purification tablets 
  • Canned food, three cans per day (preferable to dried goods in that they contain some water) 
  • Two portable electric stoves 
  • Advanced medical kit (must include field-surgery implements and antibiotics) 
  • Bicycle-powered electric generator 
  • Gasoline generator (to be used only in emergencies) 
  • Twenty gallons of gasoline 
  • Rechargeable, battery-powered shortwave radio 
  • Two battery-powered flashlights 
  • Two rechargeable, battery-powered electric lamps 
  • Two rechargeable, battery-powered and/or solar-powered radios 
  • Appropriate reinforcement materials, including lumber, bricks, mortar, etc. 
  • Extensive tool kit, including sledgehammer, ax, handsaw, etc. 
  • Lime and/or bleaching powder in sufficient supply to maintain latrine 
  • One high-powered telescope (80X?100X), with spare lenses and cleaning equipment 
  • Fifteen emergency flares 
  • Thirty-five chemical light sticks 
  • Five fire extinguishers 
  • Two sets of earplugs 
  • Spare parts for all aforementioned machinery and users manuals 
  • Extensive library of manuals, including a general disaster manual 

On the run
  • Backpack 
  • Dependable hiking boots (already broken in) 
  • Two pairs of socks 
  • Wide-mouthed, quart-sized water bottle 
  • Water-purification tablets 
  • Wind– and waterproof matches 
  • Bandanna 
  • Map 
  • Compass 
  • Small flashlight (AAA battery) with coated lens 
  • Poncho 
  • Small signaling mirror 
  • Bedroll or sleeping bag (both will be too cumbersome) 
  • Sunglasses (polarized lenses) 
  • Palm-sized first-aid kit 
  • Swiss Army knife or multi-tool 
  • Hand-held radio with earpiece 
  • Knife 
  • Binoculars 
  • Primary firearm (preferably, a semiautomatic carbine) 
  • Fifty rounds (if in a group, thirty per person) 
  • Cleaning kit 
  • Secondary firearm (preferably a .22 rimfire pistol) 
  • Twenty-five rounds 
  • Hand weapon (preferably, a machete) 
  • Signal flares 
  • not necessary in groups 
  • need be carried by only one person if in a group 
  • In addition, all groups should carry: 
  • Silent ballistic weapon (preferably a silenced firearm or crossbow) 
  • Extra ammunition for fifteen kills (if weapon differs from standard firearm) 
  • Telescopic sight 
  • Medium-sized medical kit 
  • Two-way radio with headphones 
  • Crowbar (in lieu of hand weapon) 
  • Water-purification pump

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